Concert Review SCI Region IV Conference

December 8th, 2003

SCI Newsletter, Issue XXXIV:1. EXCERPT - The third and final day of concerts for the SCI Region IV conference started after a paper session with an afternoon concert featuring several works for interactive electronics and various forms of new media. Overall, the pieces and performances of this final conference day were well worth the trip many made to [...]

Music technology in higher education: different models, common issues and future trends

October 2nd, 2003

ATMI 2003 National Conference in Miami, FL. Co-authored with Peter V. Swendsen. EXCERPT – Programs in music technology certainly have individual approaches to teaching their students, emphasizing different aspects of the field in their curriculum. However, the differences are magnified in part by the multiplicity names these departments and research centers use to identify themselves. [...]

Understanding the Perception of Granular Processing

July 15th, 2003

SMPC 2003 National Conference @ University of Nevada – Las Vegas. Co-authors: Gary Kendall and Scott Lipscomb. EXCERPT -Granular processing of sampled audio signals (Roads 1985; Traux 1987) is a technique that has experienced increased interest in recent years. This processing technique has origins in the work of Dennis Gabor and his concept of the [...]

Journal SEAMUS – Granular Toolkit v1.0

July 9th, 2003

Journal SEAMUS, Volume XVI:2, pp. 34-46. ABSTRACT - Since the generation of granular textures was first automated using a computer (Roads 1978), granular synthesis has grown to become a popular tool for creating new sounds in electro-acoustic music. Many effects can be achieved through the granulation of sampled sound including time compression (Jones and Parks 1988) [...]

Griesinger Reverb v2.2

January 6th, 2003

Creates a stereo reverb in the style of Griesinger as detailed in Jon Dattorro’s September 1997 AES article.  The algorithm is similar to those found in the classic Lexicon reverb units and delivers a nice de-correlated stereo images.  Available in vst classic and vst carbonized versions for use in OS 9 and OS X respectively. [...]