cpPan~ object

March 24th, 2006

This object implements a constant power panning formula and applies it to any input signal. Panning info can be sent as audio or control data. Uses a lookup table, so it is very efficient. Also included in the granular toolkit.

2 Responses to “cpPan~ object”

  1. When I unzip the file the cpPan~ does not have an extension. So I added .mxo and put it in the msp external folder. When I type it in as a new object, Max recognizes it in the drop down menu but when I hit enter, it is greyed out and doesn’t have any inlets or outlets. In the max window it says cpPan~.mxo: unknown external object type. I am currently running 5.1.4 but this happened on earlier versions of max 5 as well. Any ideas?

  2. Rich:
    Thanks for finding this. I have re-placed the link with a newer copy that uses the proper extension. It should be good now.
    Sorry for the delay in responding. Academic life gets rather hectic in May. :)


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