Invention of the Wheel

April 19th, 2007

During a Spring 2007 special topics course, I oversaw a group of eight students in the production of a CD/DVD package entitled The Invention of the Wheel for Mobile Performance Group. The material was based on pieces that had been developed during our visits to San Jose for ISEA and Brooklyn for Conflux.  The overriding goal was to develop a document that conveys the essential elements of an MPG performance.  The results are a symphonic collision of electronic styles with elements of techno, ambient, house, soundscapes.  This audiovisual material has been made available to the public through the following links:

Videos on YouTube

MPG4 (4:03) – Megan England and Kevin Ward, producers

Bond in Brooklyn (4:46) – Jhaysonn Pathak and Greg Lenhart, producers

Liberate Your Cool (8:09) – Melanie McConachie and Adam Wright, producers

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