Collective Sites (UCF)

February 26th, 2009

CMS 2009 Southern Chapter Regional Conference @ University of Central Florida.

This performance was presented as a Thursday night preview to my presentation on Friday morning.  It allowed the conference attendees to experience MPG in our normal setting so that they had a better idea of what we do.  As is our usual method with Collective Sites, we gathered sounds and images from around campus to use as material for our performance.  The following 3 tracks were the results:

The performance also featured the premiere of our new interactive shopping cart.  This touch-sensitive controller is simple enough to allow audience members to join in the fun.  You can see it in action here:

Interactive Shopping Cart from Matt Roberts on Vimeo.

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  1. [...] MPG was invited to perform on the diverse program of this showcase concert for the School of Music.  Our performance in the lobby during intermission featured our trademark shopping cart performance rig and utilized the four story atrium to reach audience members on all levels of the venue.  Selections came from our recent performance at UCF. [...]

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