Laptop = Instrument?

January 5th, 2010

FMEA 2010 Clinic-Conference @ Tampa, FL

On Thursday this week, I will be giving a lecture at the Florida Music Educators Association Annual Clinic-Conference.  This is the largest gathering of K12 music teachers in the state.

My talk will cover:

  • the media’s role in how the laptop came to be considered an instrument
  • myths and stereotypes about laptop music
  • famous names associated with this emerging instrument
  • thoughts about what the future may hold
  • discussion about what K12 music education’s role could be

If you are going to FMEA, mark your planners or circle me in the program:
Thurs, Jan 7 • 2:45 PM-3:45 PM
Marriott Waterside Room: Meeting Room 4

I hope to see some of my old friends that work in music education around the state.  Spread the word and invite your friends.  Yes, I know it’s across the street from the main site (as the tech sessions always are!) but I hope to make it worth the walk.

Laptops in Action

Some laptops in action during an MPG performance.

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