harbour view

September 18th, 2012

4 channel sound installation @ Bergen Center for Electronic Arts for B-open.

Being new to Bergen, I have really enjoyed the landscape that surrounds the city and how different it is from my home in Florida. When BEK invited me to develop a sound installation in their project room for B-open, I took as my inspiration the single wall of windows that frames a great view of the harbour. Four low tones evoke both the massive ships that visit each day and the mountains that watch them from above like sentinels. The drones repeat with a breath-like pattern and slowly modulate in synchronization with the minutes of the hour. Speakers are placed on the floor so that visitors not only hear, but also feel the vibrations through resonance.  The room becomes a space of contemplation as visitors are encouraged to slow down and take in the harbour view.

harbour view from Nathan Wolek on Vimeo.

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