Another Album Challenge

May 15th, 2014

Spring 2014 gave me the chance to teach Audio Recording and Production 2 again. Although it was not during the summer like last time, I decided to keep the album challenge intact. With a much larger class this time, we were able to break into five groups working on five albums! Although there were some tense moments, each group turned in over 30 minutes of new music by the end of the semester. It’s really amazing how much music can be made if you just get to work.

The genres range from hip-hop to house to rockabilly to sea shanties, sometimes within the same album. You can download their MP3 or M4A albums at the links below and import them into your iTunes library. Listen and enjoy!

Evolution of Hip Hop (WARNING explicit lyrics) – produced by Robert Conte, Stephanie Rendell, Hallie Plunkett & Brinson Swann
download ZIP archive – 48.7 MB – 10 tracks, 39 minutes

Fusion – produced by Aidan Marsicovetere, Dillon Moore, Maurie Murray, Joe Palermo & Victoria Williams
download ZIP archive – 72.2 MB – 9 tracks, 33 minutes

(Kol)Las is Moore – produced by Paul Kollas & Trey Moore
download ZIP archive – 51 MB – 12 tracks, 36 minutes

Soup Dat Sop – produced by Kevin Dull, Rich Fendler, Chad Grenier & JP Menegolo
download ZIP archive – 81.5 MB – 11 tracks, 39 minutes

The Vans Bros (What’s the album called?) – produced by Matt Forkas, Ben Griffith, Thomas Ingui & Tavish Papp
download ZIP archive – 87.1 MB – 10 tracks, 44 minutes

Stetson’s sound studio.

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