64-bit VBAP

June 7th, 2017

As part of my work for the Jamoma team in early 2015, I completed a 64-bit Mac update of an external from 2006 for vector-based amplitude panning by Ville Pulkki. This enabled other members of the team to use models that were dependent on the external with newer versions of Cycling’74 Max. After seeing my forum posts about this, I was recently contacted by someone on the Windows platform about getting an update for that version too. After first getting permission from Ville, I set up a new GitHub repository with continuous integration so that changes are automatically compiled.

A few people are still collaborating on documentation updates to flesh out the package, but the externals are ready for use at the repository link. If you download the updates and use them successfully, let me know. Also, if you know of other stray Max 32-bit objects out there that need a similar updates, please contact me.

Screenshot from Max help patch.

vbap works with matrix~ to pan sounds across multichannel setups.


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