June 1st, 2017

This year, the second semester of my Computer Music sequence (DIGA 462) was structured more as a peer working group. Students were responsible for developing two large-scale projects that fell within several pre-defined categories, and bringing their work-in-progress to class each week for comment and critiques. I worked on projects too and brought them in for students to comment. The student response to this format was very positive! For those that are interested, you can review the syllabus here.

In the second half of the term, we assembled our work into a final concert held off campus at Collective Church. The concert turned into a wonderfully authentic experience for the students. They had to develop an order for the concert program, gather the required gear, plan for marketing, and run the event. Documentation for this event was spread over several social media platforms, and links to these and a full-length video from the concert can be found online at digahertz.com.

DIGAhertz featuring works by Deiter Felpel Garrett Grupp Mackey Papp Pizzo Virgilio

DIGAhertz logo designed by Katie Mackey

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