Stetson Coding Workshop

Partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of Volusia County, Stetson University’s Advanced Digital Art Studio class taught a weeklong workshop teaching kids how to code and create their own computer game. Using Processing, the students worked with the kids during Volusia County’s spring break on developing a multiplayer computer game. The kids learned how the software works, and what it really takes to design a game while gaining confidence throughout the week. Mostly middle school age, the kids were able to use their previous knowledge of technology and build off it in new levels. Stetson’s students created the concept for the game and assisted in creating an interactive lesson plan for the week. During the workshop, the students were present to assist the kids in understand the code and answer any questions they had about the game. A learning experience for all, the Stetson Coding Workshop played a valuable role in bringing the complexities of coding to the new generation of computer scientists.


  • Thing

    January 2016: Introduction of workshop Ideas

    Stetson students worked in class to develop a concept for the game design to be developed with the kids at our workshop.

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    February 3 2016: First visit to the Boys and Girls Club

    Members of the class visit the Boys and Girls Club to meet the kids and ask them what they want out of our game. Our game design evolved based on the ideas from the kids.

  • February – March 2016: Game and documentation development

    While the game design team works on creating a fun game that meets the coding goals of the workshop, other students began working on video production, audio podcasts and web development to document our work. Everybody involved was responsible for making the project run smoothly.

  • March 21 - 24 2016: Coding workshop

    Stetson students go to the Boys and Girls Club to teach the lessons, build a personalized game, and carry out a tournament with the kids.

  • April 2016: Documentation wrap-up

    The class works together to finish this website and included media that documents our semester project.