granular toolkit v1.10

February 3rd, 2005

This is an older pre-Universal Binary version of the Granular Toolkit for Mac users out there that may need it. Download StuffIt archive – 212 kb Download Zip archive – 364 kb See these other post for more information about GTK: granular toolkit 1.49 journal SEAMUS article

patchname object

October 2nd, 2002

A simple object that reports the name of the patch in which it is contained. It’s handy for getting information about a patch when working with certain included objects, like using “filedate” to find out when a patch was last updated. Available for Max/MSP 4.x on OS 9 only. This object will not be updated [...]

tilt object

May 6th, 2001

This max object implements an algorithm that is used to monitor changes in vehicle tilt for car alarms. It can be used to monitor changes in a floating point values and sends an alarm (“bang”) when those values exceed the alarm parameters. A flow chart showing how the algorithm works is incuded in the help [...]